Renovation Solutions from an Expert Interior Designer – how to update and add functional storage to your kitchen without a total renovation cost

Save time and money by engaging an Interior Designer when renovating an existing kitchen. Keep within your budget without losing the wow factor. My advice for family home owners, anyone down sizing to an apartment, Airbnb owners and property investors.


Following my Instagram, you will notice that I have worked on a project renovation of an existing apartment kitchen. This kitchen had been designed by the developer, and as is often the case, built without much thought to storage and function and appropriate materials (see blog on Kitchen benches).


The material used was an inferior product.  There are certain requirements for kitchen wear and tear that should always have consideration if you want the kitchen to look good and work well for many years.


The photograph of the old spice cupboards over the stove, demonstrates the importance of knowing when to use a superior material. The surface of the panels had lifted due to heat rising from cooking.  If the builder/developer had been guided by an interior designer, they would have known to use a first grade product in this small section above the stove. 


You don’t have to do the whole kitchen in that product, you simply need to use it where it is essential.  However, I chose to replace everything with quality joinery throughout, while retaining the general shell of the kitchen. This avoided the cost of demolishing the framework of the existing kitchen, working within existing plumbing and gas outlets.


I updated and added storage with quality joinery work. All the panels match, and the additions look like they were always there.


Old worn cooking area – overdue for some wow factor updating

The compromise here, is that although I LOVE symmetry, I could not realistically move the cooking area. So instead I chose to simply add new cupboard front panels, using the original dimensions, and bring uniformity through the use of consistent quality material and the recessed round pull handles.


New panels with a modern look, unifying the kitchen and giving wow factor

Unfortunately, builders and developers who do not use a good interior designer to assist them, miss out on expert details which would add value to their project. This adds extra cost to owners who have to buy or add storage, or simply put in an entirely new and appropriate kitchen.


If you are looking for an expert interior designer, with an eye for detail and the skill of compromise, contact me through my web page or mobile.