Lets Talk About Dining

I recently went to one of my favourite healthy eat hang outs, for a quick mid morning ‘green bowl’.

I like the cafe, and the food.  However, the seating kills me… The tables are one height, with a bench on one side and the usual single dining  chair facing the bench seating.

This is a very common seating arrangement in many cafes.  However, the mistake here is that the tables are at the right height for the chair seating, (or good enough for a day cafe), while the benches are almost the same height as the tables. The result is awkward seating, with no room for your knees to fit under the table.  So, in order to enjoy the pleasure of the soft bench seat – which I always prefer to a single hard chair – I sit with my food near my knees!

Which brings me to the subject of dining and chairs.

The magic mix of the right dining set for the right dining experience dictates ambience.

Here is the the magic of great chair and table matches-

 Ambience. Seating affects how people relate to their eating area.  It signals the type of meal or occasion we expect to experience.  It also influences the time spent eating. (Yes, it is true)

When I went to Milan, Salone Del Mobile in 2018, I saw some beautiful dining settings, perfectly measured and put together.

You can see here  range of ideas to create an appropriate ambience to suit the type of dining experience that the setting intends.  From cafe to informal to formal comfort.  All of these settings have balance and appropriate seating.

I have organised the set up of many events, and the chair and table setting is king for creating mood and connecting people.



The Snapshot

For Business –

  • Do you want to offer a quick eat environment? – in which case you want functional, practical seating and tables that are easy to clean and require little maintenance.  The speed of turnover of customers means that dining tables and chairs need to be easily accessible, the right height ratio between seat and table, and offer a layout to maximise tables.
  • Do you want your customers to linger and order multiple dishes of fine food? – in which case you need to offer more comfortable seating that accommodates sitting for a few hours.

These are two simple considerations that influence your interior decor and design.  If you mismatch your dining setting to your business, you will miss your target customer.

If you need help, get in touch. I understand how to marry the experience of your customer to your business goal.

For the Home-

  • Do you have a formal and casual dining area in your home?
  • Do you have one dining area that needs to function formally with adult gatherings and casually for daily family dining?


I can help you with solutions that match the use of your space, and make it both functional and beautiful.