Avoiding Dysfunctional Doors

I recently encountered a real issue in my apartment. Dysfunctional doors.  The door handles to my laundry cavity swing to 180 degrees, which is perfect for opening up the space for access.  However, the original door handles, which existed before I entered the picture, are poorly designed for the functionality of the doors. The result of this poor planning and design thought, is that I cracked the plaster on the hallway wall, as the door swung back to quickly and with too much force – $$ new plaster!!


The solution here, which I discussed with a good friend in the door handle industry, is not to use a doorstop, or doorjam, but to simply replace these handles with new flush pulls, matching my custom designed wardrobe and extra kitchen storage, which I have recently had installed (thanks to JK Custom Joiners).



Keep doors functional to the space they are in, with flush and streamlined handles, that won’t catch you on the way through the space, or hit other surfaces, causing damage.  Change up the existing door handles and give the doors a fresh functional look.


Remember to get in touch if you need me to give you some design advice about your space. Happy to help.