Architecture and Interiors – Help to decorate unusual shaped rooms and find furniture to suit a space. What to do with awkward rooms.

Deciding what to do with an awkward space requires spacial and visual skills. If you don’t know what to do with an unused awkward space in your home, here are some ideas. Perhaps the space can become a dedicated place that displays artwork, or provide a quiet reading nook or an unexpected study area.  From the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and New York – Unusual shaped buildings require special attention to their interiors.



The other day I was walking back to my apartment, and as I waited to cross the road, I began to analyse a new set of apartments with curved walls. Being an interior designer, my mind began to create a picture of how I would approach the interior decor and design of these apartments.



My imagination took me to the iconic Flatiron Building, which I saw on my trip to New York in July 2014. I loved the corner curve and the triangular shape of the building.





Just as the law of attraction goes in life, I happened to be in Surry Hills, in Sydney for an appointment, when I noticed a little gem of a building, which looked like a mini flatiron. I immediately began to think about that small building, and what would happen if it were re-purposed.



It’s interesting to note from an article in the New York Times, that the Flatiron Building in New York is undergoing redesign, in order to meet our current demand in this high-tech reality we live in.



So, just how would an awkward space in your home be given purpose and use with style?  Here are some things you can do to come up with a plan for the space:-


  • Think outside the box. Re-imagine the use of the space and brainstorm every possibility.
  • Consider the lighting available – natural, artificial. Can a window be introduced?
  • Take measurements – widths, lengths, diameters.
  • Decide if custom work will be involved.
  • Determine whether electrical and plumbing additions are an option.



If you need more assistance with this kind of project, find a professional that can give you some ideas and answers. Don’t be put off by awkward spaces – some of these spaces become the unique and much loved part of your home.